Why Us

It is beyond any doubt that there are many players in the market today. What set us apart are our core values and the strong relationship we have built between our partners, Corporate Members and associates. We push ourselves to excel and we are not afraid to be judged for our efforts in creating innovative solutions in our trading models, the speed and reliability of our systems and the effectiveness of our collaborative culture.

These are some of the many ways we differentiate ourselves:

Our Experience

We have years of experience to fall back on. Our methods are tried and tested and have stood the test of time. This makes us dependable and trustworthy.

Our Values

We regard our values above all else and adhere to them staunchly. Every person on the OTEX team is loyal to this common cause.

Our Expertise

We have attracted and retained many of the industry's best and brightest trading, analytical and technology professionals, not only masters in their chosen profession but also authors of books that have become the best sellers in the Industry.

Our Approach

We have adopted a proactive system of information sharing and developed a Proprietary Stock Investment method that helps us to invest in the most profitable assets.

Our Research

We not only believe that knowledge is power; we act on it too. Our people have engaged in extensive research and analysis, to identify mispriced and overpriced units. With such extensively gathered information, we make informed decisions for our Corporate Members.

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