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This website is a private site published solely for informational purposes and is NOT contingent, directed nor controlled towards any particular nor specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person. Therefore, it is important you consider the appropriateness of this information before making any financial decisions based on the information contained herein. It is required and essential that any person seeking to rely on this information obtain independent professional advice, as this website is never, in any shape or form, to be misconstrued as that of an advisory tool nor to administer advice.

While information contained herein is projected to be reliable, OTEX World Corporation (OTEX) bears no responsibilities nor offers any warranty as to its accuracy or completeness. Views and opinions, while given in good faith, are subject to change without notice.

Information on this website does not constitute an offer to buy, nor any solicitation of an offer to sell, an invitation to treat, nor offer any security at any jurisdiction worldwide. You agree to keep yourself well informed and independently professionally advised as to applicable legal requirements, regulations and taxes in the jurisdiction(s) of where you have elected to operate any promotions of the OTEX marketing strategies. Such is set out in detail in the OTEX Code of Ethics (COE), which forms part of the Private Members Shareholders Agreement (PMSA), where strict compliance is expected.
The COE and PMSA shall be the final governing controller over the relationships between OTEX and its Corporate Members as enforced by the OTEX Legal Office pursuant to the COE.

In the event of content discrepancy between other languages versus the English language, the English version shall prevail as opined by the OTEX Legal Office and/or any related court of competence, as defined by the most current English Concise Oxford Dictionary at the time.


Risk Disclaimer

As OTEX Corporate Members buy and become shareholders of OTEX, they are herein duly advised of the risks associated with the purchase of securities to be a risky transaction(s). Despite Executive Corporate Members (ECM) being trained and qualified on the OTEX rules of operation, they are by no means, purposes or intents qualified to render investment advice, thus all those who become Corporate Members (CMs) at OTEX shall be deemed to be persons whom have all obtained their own independent professional advice, thus OTEX herein disclaims all and any responsibility to such CMs as to the risks involved.