The Chairman’s Message

Denis Kuvaev Artist, Photographer and Citizen of the World

I am proud to be the Chairman of OTEX World Corporation, as one of its founders, which I established here in Europe. We are now venturing into the Asian markets where we are launching on 20th April 2016. It is certainly pleasing to hear my management in Asia regularly updating me on the large Corporate Members growth already developing in Asia. I am delighted to report that there are many more Corporate Members coming on board with me in other parts of the world too.

I have a deep commitment towards the OTEX World Corporation, and our members appear to have the same, which I find very inspiring, and it is easy to see where this commitment comes from: Our mission, and vision, are centred on our belief in this innovative way to derive profits, and to keep on paying out those handsome monthly dividends to all Corporate Members.

I take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your ECM examinations, in your upward climb within my OTEX hierarchy. Believe me, in the early days, I put much effort and thought into creating these beneficial modules, to keep us all be well-educated and updated. The OTEX World Corporation module of “Buy, sit and get OR buy, build and get more” is truly the answer in today’s world, when one takes a look at other schemes. As you may know, most require, “Buy and work, or get nothing”. I believe I have truly revolutionized something that truly ripe for Asia. OTEX World Corporation offers something for those from all walks of life.

If I may speak a little of myself. My background is in business management, re-investing, and in algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading involves the use of powerful computers to give the trader a significant edge in the market place. As a known author in the finance world, I don’t need much introduction, when it comes to algorithmic trading. My books on algorithmic trading speak for themselves, and these can be found on all sites.

My vision for OTEX World Corporation is simple and straight forward. Now is the time to act, as there are so many opportunities that exist in property, manufacturing and service companies, and in alternative energy as our history of sound re-investments, speak for themselves. But what is more important to me, is that, as a Part Owner of OTEX World Corporation, it is YOU who will be coming along with me, all the way. OTEX World Corporation is inviting participation in the company from people who will become Corporate Members of OTEX World Corporation. This means that they will be part-owners of the company, side by side with me and my fellow founders, and I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM’s. Corporate Members can have confidence in becoming part of the truly global OTEX World Corporation. Such a formidable force which all goes forward together.

OTEX World Corporation will also examine the advantages of value investing, such as the purchase of investment property and companies involved in services and manufacturing that have poor management or that need capital injection.

Otex World Corporation, Chairman
Mr. Seamus McKenna